Walking on Sunshine


I ate really badly on holiday (doesn’t everyone?) and then forgot to step on the scales this morning to draw a line on it and get back to normal. Cue another day of biscuits and things.

Tonight’s my WW meeting and it’s looking like I won’t be going. And that’s partly because I didn’t weigh in this morning. I always like to know what to expect in advance – even if the scales don’t always agree because the first reading is first thing in the morning while the official one is in the evening. But I also have bad cramps this evening (am hoping my period will just come on so I can stop being so grumpy but it’s not really due till the weekend).

And then there’s the weather – that’s another good excuse, ‘cause we’re not meant to get snow till Saturday. And lack of sleep last night, an early start today and another tomorrow. Yep – I’ve got lots of excuses.

The good news is that I’ve made a menu plan to start tomorrow and bought the groceries for it today. So whatever happens tonight (or doesn’t happen, as the case may be) I’m going back on plan tomorrow. Come hell, high water or snow!


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