Walking on Sunshine

Thinking About Lent

It’s coming.  It’s coming faster than I expected.  Have you decided what you’ll do for Lent this year?

Last year I was still in RCIA and I knew I’d be received at the Easter Vigil.  I can’t believe I’ve been a fully fledged Catholic for a year.  The time has passed so quickly and I haven’t done half the things I thought I would.  If I stopped to think about it, I’d probably be quite disappointed in myself.  But I think it’s progress I should look for rather than perfection and I’m conscious of where I’ve fallen short as well as the good changes I’ve made to my life.

Lent 2010 was the first attempt I’d made to give something up and add a religious activity to my schedule for the period of the season.  I chose to give up caffeine and go to Mass daily.  I failed on both counts quite frequently but I did do my best.  I also intended to do some spiritual reading daily from Lenten-themed books and I failed on this quite spectacularly only doing it for the first few days of Lent and then giving up completely.

What shall I do this year?  I feel drawn to changing my reading habits.  I usually read a mixture of secular and Christian books but I’d like to just read Christian books for the whole of Lent.  I think this would bring me to a very special place by the time Easter rolls around.  I’d also like to try once again to get to Mass daily – maybe I’ll do better this year.  For Lenten reading I have one of the books I wanted to read last year and have just ordered Tom Wright’s book for Lent in Year A.  I’m a lot better at spending some time each day on Bible Study and prayer this year so it will be easier to incorporate these books into my practice.

How will you keep Lent this year?


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