Walking on Sunshine

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve been reading and knitting and pottering about but haven’t found time to do much writing.  Fortunately, a friend gave me a gentle prod this week and I finally got caught up on my reviews so I have a long list of them for you today!  I’m very interested in Benedictine spirituality at the moment (are there any Oblates reading?) so there are a fair few books on that topic.  I’ve also continued following the theme of Christian relationships (of the romantic variety).  What I haven’t been reading is fiction although I do have Becoming <a title="Becoming Marie Antoinette" href="Becoming Marie Antoinette"" ” target=”_blank”>Marie Antoinette on the Kindle at the moment …

Books Read & Reviewed:

  1. Joshua Harris – Boy Meets Girl – 2011/046
  2. English Benedictine Congregation – The Oblate Life – 2011/047
  3. Joshua Harris – Not Even a Hint – 2011/048
  4. John McQuiston II – Always We Begin Again – 2011/049
  5. Abbott Christopher Jamison – Finding Sanctuary  – 2011/050
  6. St Benedict – The Rule of St Benedict – 2011/051
  7. Joshua Harris – Dug Down Deep  – 2011/052
  8. Mgr Bruce Harbert – Companion to the Order of Mass – 2011/054
  9. Karen Armstrong – Through the Narrow Gate – 2011/055 [Reread]
  10. Fulton J Sheen – Life of Christ – 2011/DNF
  11. Max Lucado – God’s Story, Your Story – 2011/056
  12. Rowan Williams – Silence and Honey Cakes – 2011/058 (Review available 25th October 2011)
* * *
Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival is a weekly meme hosted by This That and the Other Thing.

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