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Weekend Menu

Over at (In)Courage, Ann is asking about our ‘Weekend Menus’.  We’re talking God rather than pizza and ice cream though.

Weekend Menu:

1. What is one thing you really could do this weekend that you would find soul nourishing? Write that down at the top of your to-do list for this weekend! He longs to feed you.

My main need is to get to Confession.  I haven’t done anything particularly awful but it’s four months since I made my First Confession and I’m feeling decidedly grubby.  I have two opportunities to go today so really don’t have any excuse for missing it.

2. How could you offer soul nourishment to one other person this weekend? Smile as you make that one special thing happen for one other person… You are passing His feast of grace to your right!

I’m stumped on this one.  Really stumped.  So if there’s something I can do for you please let me know.


Feelin’ Feminine – The Week in Review

Seven days have passed and the challenge is over.  I’m actually feeling rather sad about that.  The only trousers I’ve worn have been PJs.  The rest of my life has been wrapped in skirts and addresses.  I promised, when I started, that I’d review the experiment and have a go at the suggested questions when it was done so here we go!

How was the experience for you?  Positive.  It’s forced me to think about how I look and behave and I’ve found life more pleasant when I’ve made an effort with my appearance.

Any particular stories?  My garage experience.

Did wearing skirts rather than pants affect the way you felt?  I’ve felt different this week – lighter and prettier – but I would attribute this to an overall making an effort rather than specifically wearing skirts.  I’ve been doing the hair’n’makeup thing most days and that’s what seems to have the greatest beneficial effect.

The way you felt about yourself?  Yes.  I feel more confident and positive about myself when I’m looking nice.  Today I’ve made no effort at all and feel rotten.  A shower is in order after lunch, I think.

The way you acted?  I don’t notice a great deal of difference here.  I’m not a tom-boy even wearing my slouchiest jeans!

The way you carried yourself?  Maybe.  I feel more valued when looking nice and that probably translates to my posture.  Actually, I have noticed myself holding my tummy in and that can only be good!

Were you able to go about everyday activity as freely as in pants?  I’ve not felt restricted this past week.  The only time I can see skirts being a problem is if I have to walk a distance and it’s too hot to wear tights.  I’m over-weight and the tops of my legs tend to rub.

How did people respond?  The main difference I noticed was at the garage on Day 3.  Everyone has been pleasant to me this week but I’ve not really encountered any other challenging situations.

Were you more respected?  At the garage, yes.  Interestingly enough, I had to take the car back in first thing on Day 4.  I was still wearing a skirt, but hadn’t done the hair’n’makeup thing and there was a marked difference in the mechanic’s attitude.  Maybe he’s not a morning person either but things didn’t improve much when I collected my vehicle that afternoon.

Did you feel more like a lady?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  And what’s more, I liked it!

After the challenge, do you desire to keep wearing skirts more regularly, or were you desperate to wear pants again?  I didn’t notice so much of a difference between shorts and trousers.  But I do notice a difference between taking some care with my appearance and hanging out in slob-ville.  It’s harder to be a slob in a skirt for some reason.  So I’m thinking I should resolve to make an effort no matter which mode of dress best suits the activities of the day.  With that in mind, it’s time for this slob to turn herself around …

Feelin’ Feminine: Day 3

On Sunday I didn’t know I starting this challenge but I looked OK for Mass with a navy blue dress and having done the hair’n’makeup thing.

On Monday it was a struggle to do anything as I’d a migraine but, for the hours during which I was out-of-bed, I did wear a skirt.

Today I was out of the house super-early so the cleaner could clean.  Wearing a skirt was a hassle (as I had to wear tights – it’s cold at the moment) and, really, thinking about my appearance didn’t go beyond basic personal hygiene.  Anyway, I hid in a cafe for a couple of hours and returned home to a clean flat and this is always good.

This afternoon, I needed to take my car down to Kwik Fit as it’s been noisy for a while and, I thought, probably needed something-or-other done to the thingamy-jig.  As you can tell, I know my auto-mechanics.  And this is where the story becomes relevant and interesting.

Usually, to visit a garage, I wear jeans with trainers and a t-shirt.  I don’t do the hair’n’makeup thing and generally try to look knowledgeable rather than cute.  But this afternoon, looking in the mirror, I realised that my skirt was incongruous when teamed with wispy hair and a pale face.  So I did the hair’n’makeup thing.  Not a lot of either – my hair’s up and I’ve got a bit of lipstick on – but enough that I don’t look like I just got out of bed.  And then I went to the garage.

The garage experience has never been one I enjoyed.  I’m out of my depth and trying hard not to show it.  The men (I’ve never met a female mechanic) talk a strange language and call me ‘you’, ‘Missus’ or by my Christian name.  Not this time.  They showed me what was wrong with the car and explained my options.  They called me ‘Miss Surname’ or ‘Mrs Surname’.  They were polite but not overly familiar.  They didn’t talk down to me but assumed no prior knowledge of exhaust systems (my car needs a new one, by the way) and, in short, it was actually quite a pleasant experience.  It was a congenial and efficient visit.

Tomorrow, the car is going in to have the work done.  I’ve to be there at 8:30am and am not looking forward to another early start.  But will I make the effort to look presentable?  You bet!

Feelin’ Feminine

The lovely Emily over at Practically Pink has introduced me to a new challenge which she’s hosting this month.  It’s called Feelin’ Feminine.  The basic idea is that one commits to wearing only skirts/dresses for one week from Sunday to Saturday.  Ladies are encouraged to make themselves look nice but modest and to share photos of their outfits throughout the week.  It’s suggested that one reviews the week at the end with the following questions:

  • How was the experience for you?
  • Any particular stories?
  • Did wearing skirts rather than pants affect the way you felt?
  • The way you felt about yourself?
  • The way you acted?
  • The way you carried yourself?
  • Were you able to go about everyday activity as freely as pants?
  • How did people respond?
  • Were you more respected?
  • Did you feel more like a lady?
  • After the challenge do you desire to keep wearing skirts more regularly, or were you desperate to wear pants again?

The photos thing isn’t going to happen for me (sometimes living alone isn’t quite as much fun) but I do commit to skirts/dresses only for one week and sharing the review next Sunday (or Monday – there’s a time gobbling monster in this house …)

You’re welcome to join me.

On Sabbaths

Forty Acres, A Husband, & Three Kids · The Sabbath With a Bird, Flowers, and Calves Thrown in the Mix.

The post I have linked to above really got me thinking about Sundays.  Or, perhaps, I had better say Sabbaths. I find it very sad that we no longer keep the Sabbath in Scotland.  And yet I know I would be among the first to complain if I found myself unable to buy a pint milk on a Sunday.  The days when the only person working on Sunday was the Priest are long gone.

I imagine we all have different constraints placed upon us on Sundays.  Perhaps Sunday is a day of work.  Perhaps it’s the day you do your shopping.  Or perhaps, as the weather heats up, you find yourself mowing the lawn.  Maybe your sabbath isn’t a Sunday at all.

My Sabbath is a Sunday.  But I count it from Saturday’s Vigil Mass until the last mass on Sunday evening.  This means I have some ‘ doing time’ on both Saturday and Sunday but I also have  at day of rest.  After dinner on Saturday I try to get everything in the kitchen cleaned up and any washing hung to dry so I have to do is little as possible on my sabbath.  On Sunday itself, I sometimes attend a knitting group with a friend (and, yes, I know this means asking other people to perform servile work — I choose to assume that they have the opportunity to enjoy a sabbath on another day of the week).  If Liz and I are not meeting to knit then I probably spent most of the day reading.

And that’s where Sunday becomes The Lords Day for me.  I don’t read secular books on the sabbath.  Or magazines.  I really like having one day of the week set aside to read Christian books.

I usually go to the Sunday evening mass and I like to have a long, hot shower first so that’s my Sunday treat.  And, when I come home, my sabbath is over and I start thinking about the week ahead.

What’s your sabbath like?

3/3 – Determined!

I have given myself a migraine by drinking caffeine yesterday. I’m also very tired and it’s not sunny so the light isn’t giving me the boost it did yesterday. Nonetheless, I was determined to make it to Mass and I did!

Inspiring Women Every Day for New Christians

I’m working through CWR’s Inspiring Women Every Day for New Christians at the moment.  I know I’m not a new Christian and I know this isn’t a Catholic resource but it’s something I like to work through periodically.  I actually meant to do it during Lent as the study of John’s Gospel lasts 40 days but didn’t (for no very good reason, I may add!)  I’m applying the Bible reading method I was taught in RCIA for each passage the booklet directs me to read.  And then I read the notes that go along with it from the booklet.  This is forcing me to slow down enough to actually read it and think about the message instead of skimming over the words and ticking ‘Done.’  I’ve found I’m getting much more out of it (and it’s taking a lot longer!) than my previous efforts and I actually feel nourished and satisfied when I’m done although I’d often like even more.  I’ve noticed that, since the Easter Vigil, I seem to have a real hunger for God and all things Godly – prayer, Mass, Bible reading – but I don’t feel empty at all.  It’s not that kind of hunger.  Very odd and I’m sorry I can’t explain it more clearly.

Anyway.  I thought I’d share some of the lightbulb moments I’m experiencing.  I don’t have anything very profound to say, mind you, and most of it is probably glaringly obvious to everyone but me!  But, humour me?  Please!  I’ve saved some draft posts and will try to start writing and posting tomorrow. I would start now but my supper and bed are calling …