Walking on Sunshine

Advaita Kala – Almost Single – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: In a city where old is meeting new, daughters are surprising mothers, and love is breaking all the rules, tis cross-cultural debut novel introduces a young woman searching for independence and matrimony in a culture bound by tradition.

Between elegant soirees and the occasional mortifying mishap, Aisha Bhatia’s job as guest relations manager of New Delhi’s five-star Grand Orchid Hotel is intermittently fabulous.  But despite a life filled with good friends and first-class travel accommodations, the fact that not many 29-year-old women in India are single – as Aisha’s mother never fails to remind her.  Somewhere a clock is ticking, though as far as Aisha is concerned, it can be cheerfully dorwned out by laughter over a champagne brunch.  Yet when the handsomely chiseled Karan Verma arrives from New York, Aisha experiences an unexpected attitude adjustment.  Karan is everything she’s ever wanted … that is, if she actually knew what she wanted.  Is it possible that she’s about to find out?


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