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Allegra McEvedy & Paul Merrett – Economy Gastronomy – 2009/040

Economy Gastronomy

Economy Gastronomy

The Back of the Book:

  • Plan ahead for your meals
  • Shop wisely and keep your supermarket bills right down
  • Cut down on waste food
  • Stock your cupboards so that you always have a meal in the house
  • Get two or three meals out of one
  • Make the best choices for your trolley at the supermarket
  • Imaginatively transform leftovers into new and exciting dishes
  • Freeze and store food to make what you’ve got last longer

Economy Gastronomy is about eating better and spending less.  It’s about cutting your weekly shopping bill whilst making the most of your ingredients.  It shows you how to cook really good food and have some money left over at the end of the week.  It helps you plan, and it puts eating back at the heart of your life, where it should be.

The secret isn’t cheaper ingredients, economy brands or buy-one-get-one-frees.  The magic ingredient is just that – the ingredients.  Invest in the best you can afford, but make them work that bit harder for you.  In short, if you embrace Economy Gastronomy as a way of life, you’ll not only save yourself a small fortune, but you and your family will find renewed joy in the kitchen, and hopefully you’ll pic up some good life habits too.

NotJustLaura’s Review: No, I’m not so obsessed with food that I read every recipe from start to finish.  But I have read all the chatty bits in between the recipes.  And I’ve looked at the (sumptuous) pictures.  And I’ve made one of the recipes (Anytime Cookies, of course!)  This copy is actually from the library – I requested it before the books came into ASDA at half price and was going to cancel the reservation when I visited today but the letter notifying me that it was ready came in this morning’s post.  Anyway.  The good news is that I’m still really pleased to have snaffled my own copy as this is a planning, shopping and cooking system that I think I can make work – even though I’m ‘only’ cooking for one.  There are lots of hints and tips in here for sustainable consumption of delicious food and, really, what more could you ask for in a cookbook?


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