Walking on Sunshine

Andy Merrifield – The Wisdom of Donkeys – 2009/TBR

The Back of the Book: In 2003, disillusioned with his job and weary of city life, Andy Merrifield moved to central France and embarked upon a journey of the soul, walking amid the ruins and spectacular vistas of the Auvergne.

This book is the story of that slow pilgrimage, on which his only companion is Gribouille, a tender and intelligent donkey with soft, thick fur on his grow and calm, dark eyes.  The purposeful pace of his journey allows Merrifield gradually to confront himself, as well as the larger mysteries of existence – while marvelling at his tranquil surroundings and revelling in the oddities of French rural life.

The Wisdom of Donkeys reminds us that observing, being mindful, and being present in the moment are essential to a fulfilled life.  It teaches us that enlightenment is all around us if we only take the time to seek it.


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