Walking on Sunshine

Angela Huth – Land Girls & Wives of the Fishermen – 2010/021

The Back of the Book: Land Girls

The West Country in wartime, and the land girls are gathering on the farm of John and Faith Lawrence.  Man-eating Prue; cerebral Ag, love-sick Stella:  three very different women from very different backgrounds find themselves thrown together, sharing an attic bedroom and laying the foundations for a friendship that will last a lifetime …

Wives of the Fishermen

Ravishing, extravagant, flirtatious Annie MacLeoud and kind, plain, virtuous Myrtle Duns cannot remember a time when they were not the most loving, rivalrous and unlikely of friends, unflinchingly loyal to each other in the harsh climate of the Scottish fishing village that is their home.  Then a horrifying accident destroys the equilibrium, and exposes the secret sadness, jealousy and betrayal each has hidden over the years.

NotJustLaura’s Review: Prue, Stella and Ag are young women from different backgrounds and with very different aspirations when they arrive as Land Girls at Hallows Farm.  Land Girls provides a detailed narrative of their time there – the work, the people, the romances are all picked out in detail.  The book seems to close with the ends all neatly woven in so I’m unsure what will happen in the sequel – although I’m rather looking forward to finding out!


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