Walking on Sunshine

Angela Huth – Once a Land Girl – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book:

‘Disasters, disappointments, dashed hopes … Doesn’t seem easy just to find a good man, love him and be loved back.  But I shan’t give up trying.’

The war is over, but life goes on for Land Girls Prue, Stella and Ag.  While two of the girls are married, Prue, the incorrigible flirt, is engaged in a quest for a man to provide her with security and gold taps.

A year after the girls leave Hallows Farm, Prue finds just such a man, and a marriage that protects her from the hardships of post-war Manchester.  But she still hankers for the life she so loved as a Land Girl, and the unimaginable happiness of work on the farm.  The lives of her two old friends, Stella and Ag, have moved on.  Yet, in the puzzling world beyond the fields, Prue, in her indomitable way, remains buoyant, optimistic and quite sure that the life she imagines is just round yet another corner.


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