Walking on Sunshine

Anne Fortier – Juliet – 2010/TBR



The Back of the Book: ‘Of all the great love stories ever told, hers is perhaps the most famous.  To me, she is the key to my family’s fate.  To you, she is Juliet.’

When Julie Jacobs inherits a key to a safety deposit box in Siena, she is told it will lead her to an old family treasure.  Soon she is launced on a precarious journey into the history of her ancestor Giulietta, whose love for a young man named Romeo inspired Shakespeare’s unforgettable story.

As Julie crosses paths with the families who turned medieval Siena upside down, she begins to realize that the notorious curse – ‘a plague on both your houses’ – is still at work.

Spanning centuries, Juliet is an unforgettable adventure that hopes to rewrite the fate of the star-crossed lovers, and reunite them at last.


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