Walking on Sunshine

2009-023 – Anne Graham – Womanhood Revisited

When I saw this book in the shop I mistakenly thought is was written by Billy Graham’s wife.  It’s not – Anne Graham is a Pastor’s wife, certainly, but she’s a British lady.  I’ve since remembered that Billy Graham’s wife’s name is Ruth.  But I digress.

Mrs Graham writes well ad, although I didn’t agree with all her sentiments, I enjoyed reading her, carefully researched, book.

She opensby giving biographical accounts of the women in her family and then looks at the way religion and phiosophy have changed over the years.  She then moves on to women in the Bible before looking at the lives of women today – as they are and as she thinks they should be.

This is an anti-feminist book and I found some of Mrs Graham’s claims about feminism alarming.  I struggle too with her picture of what a woman’s life’should’ be like when I compare myself to her ideal.  Having just finished the book, I’m left with a feeling of unease and a lot of ideas to think through.  I have a feeling that this was Mrs Graham’s intention and, therefore, the book has done its work.


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