Walking on Sunshine

Carol Steward – Journey to Forever – 2010/DNF

The Back of the Book: Eight days and 300 miles.

That was how long privileged fledgling journalist Nikki Post had to deal with notorious radio personality Colin Wright and the staff on his eight-day fund-raising trek from New Mexico to Wyoming.

Yet instead of the immature prankster she’d been warned to expect, Colin was generous and handsome – with a smile that reached the depths of Nikki’s soul.  As the days counted down, he helped her write the article for her grandfather’s newspaper – and a kiss shortened the distance between them.

But when trouble threatened to bring the trip to a premature end, would Nikki’s role in Colin’s life end, as well … or continue forever?

NotJustLaura’s Review:  Love Inspired books are basically Mills & Boon for Christians.  They make no claims to be high literature but are generally a pleasant distraction on a rainy afternoon:  the writing is passable and the story is inspirational.  Unfortunately, this book failed on the ‘writing is passable’ qualification.  In the 60 pages I read, I found inconsistent characterisation, gaping holes in the plot and read a section of dialogue which was really just a soap box relating to the plight of the homeless.  I was very disappointed – it’s a while since I’ve picked up a Love Inspired book and I was looking forward to it.  But onwards and upwards – although I’ll be leaving this book behind.


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