Walking on Sunshine

Christopher Stace – Saint Clare of Assisi – 2009/054

The Back of the Book: St Francis and St Clare are inextricably linked in the public imagination.  It was to Francis and his Order that Clare fled in her longing to leave behind the world and enter the religious life.  He was her hero, her inspiration and her beloved friend.

Recently, Clare’s own contribution to the ideals of St Francis has become more fully understood.  She emerges as a torchbearer, a figure of real historical importance, living proof that the gospel life was not, after all, the prerogative of male spirituality.

Why (and how) I got this book: I’m seriously considering taking Clare as my Confirmation name so have chosen a few titles about her from Amazon.

NotJustLaura’s Review: I felt rather reluctant to read this book because it looks a little dull and battered and I have other, brighter volumes concerning St Clare.  I’m glad I picked it up though.  It was a quick read which would, having lots of notes, lend itself to deeper study.

Mr Stace provides three documents in this volume – a contemporary biography of Clare, a translation of her original Rule and several letters which she wrote to St Agnes of Prague.  I don’t know much about the translation of languages or the methods used to make medieval texts accessible to modern readers but I found his style to be very accessible and clear.  This was a quick, informative and enjoyable read.


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