Walking on Sunshine

Claire Connor with G P Taylor – Rosie: Note to Self – 2010/024

The Back of the Book: She didn’t see the man standing staring at is map, and so she butted him right in the back.  She rebounded and toppled onto the sidewalk.  The coffee cup crunched beneath her and she felt scalding liquid seep through her fingers.

‘Don’t you look where you’re going?’  she shouted as someone grabbed her from behind and hoisted her to her knees.

‘Are you all right?’  asked a concerned voice in a warm and unmistakably English accent.  Rosie scrambled up and found herself face to face with a faded corduroy jacket.  She looked down at the brown stain spreading across the front of her dress, then up at the tall, scruffy guy, whose brown eyes were fixed anxiously on her …

And so Rosie meets the man of her dreams.  Except he starts out being a bit of a nightmare.  Soon she is caught up in romance, only to face tragedy.  Rebuilding her life, and trying to support others who have also been devastated, she finally learns to leave the past behind her …

Rosie:  Note to Self is an uplifting romantic comedy with the themes of loyalty, courage and compassion, set in New York, Oxfordshire and Northumberland.  This is the first of a series of novels written by Claire Connor and New York Times best-selling author G P Taylor.

NotJustLaura’s Review: Where to begin? This novel was so good, I wanted to eat it. By turns funny, moving, inspiring and insightful, it tells us a love-story. The heroine, Rosie, meets her husband early in the narrative and all should be well. But it isn’t – and that’s where the adventure begins as the reader enters a vividly drawn world populated with realistic characters. The narrative is fast-paced within this beautifully plotted book – there’s plenty to keep you guessing all the way to the end. This is a masterful retelling of the Bible story of Ruth. But I also detect shades of Pride and Prejudice and have happily cast Colin Firth in the lead role …


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