Walking on Sunshine

Dorothy Elbury – The Major and the Country Miss – 2010/037

The Back of the Book: Rich, vivid and passionate

A mystery brings them together.  Secrets keep them apart.

Major William Maitland returns a hero from the war, only to find himself tasked with the strangest mission – hunting down the lost heir to his uncle’s fortune.

He sets out for rural Warwickshire to cuncover the twenty-year-old secret, but has no idea that meeting an old army friend will lead him to the key to the mystery.  Or that his friend’s cousin, the beautiful Georgianne Venables, will prove to be his own personal Waterloo.  For Georgianne has a secret of her own that could stand in the way of Will ever winning her hand in marriage …

NotJustLaura’s Review:

It might be Mills & Boon, and it might be pop-corn for the mind but I can honestly say that I enjoyed every moment of this little historical romance.  Ms Elbury has created a world in which mysteries are solved, villains are defeated and love conquers all.  Now, really, what’s wrong with that?


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