Walking on Sunshine

TBR – Elizabeth Aston – Mr Darcy’s Daughters

The Back of the Book: It is the year 1818, twenty-one years after the stirring events of Pride and Prejudice.  Mr Darcy and Elizabeth have gone to Constantinople, while their five daughters descend on the dangerous and dashing world of London.  The world is changing, but opportunities for women are limited, as intelligent, independent-minded Camilla soon discovers – and Society is unforgiving of those who transgress its rules.

The sisters are assailed on all sides by the temptations of London, with its parties and balls, gossip and scandals, intrigues and schemes, not to mention the inevitable heartbreaks arising from proximity to so many eligible – and ineligible – men.

In Mr Darcy’s Daughters Alizabeth Aston presents a new variation on a Jane Austen theme, introducing a wonderful array of memorable and amusing nineteenth-century characters in a witty, lively and perceptive tale of Regency life.


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