Walking on Sunshine

Elizabeth George – Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials – 2010/025

The Back of the Book: You are not alone.

Are you facing a difficult decision?  A painful situation?  Drawing on God’s Word her own struggles, and the experiences of others, Elizabeth George reaches out with help.  Knowing the Bible says to ‘count trials as joy,’ she shares the vital truths that make that positive approach possible, including:

*  Trials are not punishments.
*  God loves you and allows trials to help you grow spiritually.
*  His grace is sufficient to get you through every situation.
*  When trials become too hard, God provides a way of escape.
*  Benefits such as patience, endurance, and empathy come from trials.

Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials acknowledges the hard times you face and presents practical steps for experiencing hope, joy, and meaning in your journey.

NotJustLaura’s Review: I’m always happy to see a new-to-me Elizabeth George book and, having seen this one a couple of weeks ago, I made a straight path to it when I encountered some trials over the past few days.

In this volume, Ms George focusses on a few, very specific, Bible verses as she examines the concept of trials and our responses to them – helpful or otherwise!

Her first recommendation is that we should receive trials with a joyful attitude.  At this point, I have to admit, Ms George ad I very nearly parted company.  Knowing that I generally find her advice helpful, however, I elected to keep reading – and I’m glad I did.

Using a friendly, intimate tone, Ms George goes on to explain why we should cultivate that joyful attitude and, in a counter-intuitive way, it started to make sense.  I started putting her suggestions into practice as I kept reading.

I found lots of good advice (reward yourself, for example) and some things I don’t quite agree with but liked this book well enough overall to order the Growth & Study Guide that goes along with it.  While I don’t claim to have found a magic bullet, I am feeling a whole lot better about my current troubles and feel confident that I can get to the end of this week without disintegrating.


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