Walking on Sunshine

Evelyn Underhill – The School of Charity – 2010/035

The Back of the Book: The Divine Action bathes the whole universe.  It penetrates all creatures, it hovers above them … They need but let themselves be borne upon its waves.  De Caussade

Seek where you will, everywhere you will find the Cross. Thomas a Kempis

When the evening of this life comes, you will be judged on love. John of the Cross

And after long woe suddenly our eyes shall be opened; and in clearness of light our sight shall be full.  Julian of NOrwich

‘The Creed is no mere academic document, no mere list of dogmas,’ Underhill writes.  ‘It is an account of that which is, and every word it contains has a meaning at once universal, practical, and spiritual within the particular experience of each soul.  It irradiates and harmonizes every level of our life, notone alone.  All great spiritual literature does this to some extent; but the Creed, the condensed hand-list of those deep truths from which spiritual literature is built up, does it supremely.’

These meditations, based upon the principal articles of the Nicene Creed, were originally presented by Evelyn Underhill (1875 – 1941) at a retreat she conducted at her beloved Pleshy, a small village in England that was the site of her conversion to the Christian faith.  The renewed interest in mysticism and spirituality today among Christians of all communions draws heavily from her work.  The popularity and use of her books by scholars, lay people ad clergy attest to the originality of her writings and the helpfulness and clarity of her spiritual direction.

NotJustLaura: If this book were not so short, I would have given up after fifty pages.  It is a complex and meandering text based somewhat broadly on the Nicene Creed.  I didn’t enjoy reading it and won’t be doing so again!

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