Walking on Sunshine

Fr Tadeusz Dajczer – The Gift of Faith – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: The Gift of Faith (previously printed under the title Inquiring Faith), a book about the interior life, has become a bestseller in the field of Christian spirituality.  Hundreds of thousands of copies have been published worldwide in many languages …

The Gift of Faith looks at faith in an unconventional way, yet it is rooted in the sound theology of traditional Catholic spirituality.  The fruit of spiritual direction given to people for other thirty years, this book expounds fatherly guidance to those who desire to live in deep union with God in their everyday life.  With simplicity and clarity, the author manages to draw the reader’s attention and awaken the yearning to experience God and to follow a specific path of sanctification.  The Gift of Faith is a constant call to abandon oneself to God according to the Gospel edict:  ‘Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.’  Thus, the frequent call to radicalism in faith meets the idea of he New Evangelization, which has been continually proclaimed by John Paul II.

This book has helped develop the framework of The Families of Nazareth Movement (FNM), of which the author is a founder.  Formed in 1985 in Warsaw, FNM grew out of a small community of people who were searching for a way leading to spiritual growth.  It them spread rapidly beyond the borders of Poland.  Wherever FNM develops in th world, its activities take place within the diocesan-parish structure.  The Movement is universal.  There is room in it for everyone:  families and single people, priests and religious, youth, children and the sick.  The FNM is a meeting place for those who have already ‘found’ God and for those embrioled in the many battles of today.

‘There is only one important, serious reality worth living for, that is God and His will.’  (page 99)


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