Walking on Sunshine

Ian Petit – God is Not Angry – 2010/034

The Back of the Book: ‘I believe we must rediscover among us the God who wants to carry our weaknesses, the God who lives in and with us, the brother-God, the God who saves and does not condemn.  In order to do this, we must take what God has told us, and then conscientiously shape the way we live our lives according to what he has said.’

During his life Fr Ian Petit met many people for whom God was anything but a loving and accepting figure.  And from his own experience he knew what it was like to feel that God is primarily a God of rules and regulations:  if we keep the rules we keep God happy, if we do not keep them we bring punishment and condemnation upon ourselves.

In later life Fr Petit came to see things differently; to see that God is not a tyrant waiting to catch us out, that God is not angry with us.  In this book, he explains clearly and simply how we can find this loving God through Scripture and the teaching of the Church, and offers questions for reflection at the end of chapters to enable us to take hold of the truth that sets us free.

This is a book for all of us who struggle with our images of God and who yearn to find freedom and acceptance.  The author is uniquely equipped to help us on our journey and few will fail to be encouraged by his wise and gentle guidance.

NotJustLaura’s Review: Another late attempt at reviewing a book I can’t remember.  Saving them up to write all in one go evidently does not work.


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