Walking on Sunshine

Jackie Kendall & Debby Jones – Lady in Waiting – 2010/022

The Back of the Book: You hold in your hands a fresh and exciting way to enhance your personal life and enrich your spiritual journey.  This expanded edition of Lady in Waiting includes:

*  Original text of the best-selling book – complete and unabridged!

*  Complete Study Guide – Learn how to apply the principles taught in Lady in Waiting. These questions, quotes, thoughts, and teachings will help you to become the woman of God that He designed you to be.  You can also record your spiritual growth in a specially designed journal section.  Don’t miss this opportunity to become God’s lady in waiting!

*  Forty-Day Meditational Journal –  This section offers profound motivational truths from some of the greats women of God in the history of the Church, with meditative readings to help you live in the presence of the Lord every day.

Quiet meditation, contemplative prayer, and careful study will help you receive the full benefit from spiritual truth – and this new edition assists with all three.  When you give yourself to the Lord through the pages of this book, the spiritual truths you gain will bring you to new places in your experience with God and prepare you for deeper levels of loving relationships!

NotJustLaura’s Review: Reading this book was rather disorienting, to be honest.  I picked it up knowing nothing about the authors and left it in the same state.  True I now know their opinions about various subjects (and I agree with them a lot of the time) but I’ve no idea who they are or why they feel qualified to write a book on the single state for women.

In a nutshell, Ms Kendall and Ms Jones believe strongly that singleness is a gift from God.  It is not to be squandered on schemes to snare Mr Right – God’s already got that covered – no, a single woman should use her time to develop her relationship with God and to work in His service.

The book is suitable for a boy-infatuated (older) teen who might benefit from a reality check or an older single woman who doesn’t know what to focus on while waiting on Prince Charming.  Speaking as a woman who expects to remain single for life, I also found it a useful resource for pulling me back to what is really important although I don’t think I’m the target audience.

I’m going to hang on to this book and work through some of the meditations and study questions (there are lots!) although I do wish the authors had introduced themselves before claiming so much of my attention!


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