Walking on Sunshine

Jaspreet Singh – Chef – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: Kirpal Singh is riding the slow train to Kashmir.  With India passing by his window, he reflects on his destination, which is also his past:  a military camp to which he has not returned in fourteen years.

Kirpal, called Kip, is shy and not yet twenty when he arrives for the first tie at General Kumar’s camp, nestled in the shadow of the Siachen Glacier.  At twenty thousand feet, the glacier makes for a forbidding battlefield; its crevasses claimed the body of Kip’s father.  Kip becomes an apprentice under the camp’s chef, Kishen, a fiery mentor who guides him toward the heady spheres of food and women.

In this place of contradictions, erratic violence, and extreme temperatures, Kip learns to prepare local dishes and delicacies from around the globe.  Even as months pass Kip, although he is a Sikh, feels secure in his allegiance to India, firmly on the right side of this interminable conflict.  Then, one oppressively muggy day, a Pakistani ‘terrorist’ with along, flowing hair is swept up on the banks of the river ad changes everything.

Mesmeric, mournful, and intensely lyrical, Chef is a brave and compassionate debut a out hope, love, and memory set against the devastatingly beautiful, war-scarred back-drop of occupied Kashmir.


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