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John Ortberg – The Me I Want to Be – 2010/036

The Back of the Book: Your life is God’s project, not yours.

God’s vision for your life is not just that you are saved by grace, but that you also learn to live by grace, flourishing with the Spirit flowing through you.  The Me I Want to Be is an instant classic, a powerful guide to true spiritual growth, and an operator’s manual for building a Spirit-filled life in a world where perfection can only be found in God’s loving vision for you.

NotJustLaura’s Review:

How often does a work of Christian non-fiction really impact your life?  For me, they’re something I enjoy reading with good intentions that evaporate when I close the covers.  But not this one!  I’m already seeing positive changes in the way I regard and practice my faith and, having gone through a dry spell before reading it, I’m so happy to be back on track.

In this book, Mr Ortberg throws away the concept of ‘cookie-cutter Christianity’.  We were not, he says, all created to be the same kind of Christian – doing, thinking and learning in the same way as our neighbour.  Instead, he encourages the reader to do a bit of self-exploration and find out what works for them.  For example, some people will learn best from hearing a talk at Church, others (like me) from reading a book at home.  He is careful to point out the pitfalls for each type of person he identifies but there is no condemnation here – knowing your weaknesses is an opportunity for further growth.

The Me I Want to Be is written in Mr Ortberg’s familiar, friendly style with humour and candour laid out in each chapter.  It has given me permission to be me and motivation to be the kind of person God designed me to be.  This book is a keeper and I thank the Woman Alive Book Club for sending it to me.


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  1. I love that line about the cookie – cutter Christian. It took me a long time to get that through my head that I don’t have to fit in anyone elses mold. Great review! I need to post my review yet!

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