Walking on Sunshine

Jon M Sweeney – The St Clare Prayer Book – 2010/009

The Back of the Book: Experience the wisdom of St Clare of Assisi

For all who love St Francis and his spirit of passionate creativity and devotion to God, this prayer book is an invitation to experience the spiritual gifts of one of his closest companions.  Clare was a deep, ready source of wisdom – a well to Francis’ river.

Discover the spirituality of St Clare and how it complements that of St Francis.  Enter into a week of morning and evening prayer centered on themes from Clare’s life.  Pray with Clare’s won words in a variety of occasions.  And enjoy a special appendix that dramatizes what it might have been like to be there on that first night when Clare fled to the little chapel called Portiuncula to become a brother, and much more.

NotJustLaura’s Review: This book does what it says on the tin plus a little bit more.

Mr Sweeney provides a well-written biography of St Clare as well as shorter biographies of the other Saints with whom she is connected.  He then offers a Divine Office patterned after Clare’s style of prayer, some of her own prayers and tose of the other, connected Saints.

I enjoyed this quick read and am thinking of ways to incorporate Clare’s prayers into my day-to-day life.


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