Walking on Sunshine

Jordan S Rubin – The Maker’s Diet – 2010/DNF

The Back of the Book: The Creator’s plan for optimal health!

Biblically based and scientifically proven, The Maker’s Diet uses a truly holistic approach to health.  This groundbreaking book leads you on a journey that will change your life.

The Maker’s Diet will help you:

  • Boost your immune system.
  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Have abundant energy.
  • Improve your physical appearance.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve digestion.

Discover how Jordan Rubin’s faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world’s healthiest people.  But following The Maker’s Diet, your health dreams can become a reality.

NotJustLaura’s Review: This book was a big disappointment.  In fact, I abandoned it under The Fifty Page Rule.

After a healthy, normal adolescence, Mr Rubin was struck by a mysterious illness which he blames on on a vaccine he was given (I think it was MMR but wouldn’t swear to it).  He was deathly ill and spent thousands of dollars trying various cures, diets, etc to try and recover his health.  A Messianic Jew, he then turned to the Old Testament and adopted the dietary laws of the ancient Israelites.  Meantime, his father gave him a strange black powder.  And he got better.  This would have been the end of the story had Mr Rubin not decided that his mission should be to educate people about the ‘right’ way to eat and live.  Today he seems to have a thriving business selling nutritional supplements and books.

I am not anti-vaccination.  I believe that more harm is done by the diseases they prevent than the vaccines themselves.  I am not a Messianic Jew.  I believe that the dietary laws of the Old Testament were specific to the time and place in which they were given.  I am not interested in eating strange black powders.  Why would I want to do that?

I do, however, believe that people would be healthier if they ate a more natural diet instead of filling up on processed foods.  Indeed, I’m feeling better (and lighter) having adopted this approach myself and I plan to keep going with it.  But I don’t feel the need to avoid pork, buy non-pasturised dairy products, eat strange black powders or finis Mr Rubin’s book.


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