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Karen Armstrong – Through the Narrow Gate – 2009 + 2011/055

What a powerful book!  Ms Armstrong’s writing is beautiful even when what she must describe is not.  She does not spare herself in this chronicle of her years as a nun but neither does she spare the Church or the Order of which she was a part.  I found the narrative equally disturbing and enlightening.  It was disturbing because I have certain character traits in common with the author and enlightening because she has found an alternative way forward.  I look forward to reading the next instalment of her autobiography and shall look out for her other works.

(Reviewed on 19th July 2009)

Comments on Reread September 2011:  Have I really read this book only twice?  It has lost none of its power to enthral me even though I am, I hope, a more mature reader than I was in 2009.  Parts of the book still move me to tears and I suspect always will.  In this reading, however, I also found smiles (although not laughter) and know that Ms Armstrong’s trip to Marks & Spencer is not the end of the story.


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  1. I think I read this years ago

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