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Lee Janogly – Stop Bingeing! – 2010/008 + 2011/027

The Back of the Book: Are you a binge eater?

Have you ever said, ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’?  If so, ordinary diet books do not work for you; just wen your latest diet seems to be succeeding, you blow it all with a massive binge, cramming in every fattening food you can lay your hands on!

If you recognise this destructive cycle of dieting – craving – bingeing – guilt – anger – misery, then this book will set you free; allowing you to take control of your life, rather than letting your life be controlled by food.  A simple, six point plan enables you to choose what you eat, when and how much, whilst case studies reveal just how others in your situation have beaten the binge for good.

NotJustLaura’s Review: This was a much-needed re-read for me.  I’m not really a fan of Ms Janogly’s writing style although that may be because I’ve read this book so many times that it seemed a bit stale this time around.  However, her basic advice for anyone struggling with compulsive eating is invaluable and, from what I’ve read on the subject, quite possibly unique.

Te book contains no recipies or diet plans.  Instead, Ms Janogly’s sensible advice is that compulsive eaters should identify their ‘trigger’ foods and then avoid them while creating their own ‘blueprint for eating.’  She does offer dietary advice for this stage but emphasises that what works for the individual is the most important factor.

When I found myself without this book at the weekend – and God alone knows what’s happened to my well-thumbed copy – I rushed out to buy a copy.  I would encourage anyone who has a problem with compulsive eating to do likewise.

Reread June 2011:  I’ve found myself slipping back into old habits (caramel shortcake, anyone?) and exhibiting chaotic behaviour around food.  Having reread Ms Janogly’s sage words I think I’m back on the right path once again.  Shall be keeping this book in my Permanent Collection just in case …!


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