Walking on Sunshine

Leslie Ludy – Authentic Beauty – 2012/004 Reread

The Back of the Book: Inside Every Young Woman is a Princess … in Search of Her Prince

In a culture that mocks our longing for tender romance, in a world where fairy tales never seem to come true – do we dare hope for more?  For every young woman asking that question, this book is an invitation.  With refreshing candor and vulnerability, best-selling author Leslie Ludy reveals how, starting today, you can experience the passion and intimacy you long for.  You can begin a never-ending love story with your true Prince.  Discover the authentic beauty of a life fully set-apart for Him.  Experience a romance that will transform every part of your existence and fulfill the deepest longings of your feminine heart.

A NotJustLaura Review: I read this book over a year ago and liked it well enough to hang on to it for further study.

Reread June 2011:  Ms Ludy really is a beautiful writer.  I think, even if I disagreed with all her opinions, I’d still admire her gift of expression.  Actually, I don’t disagree with the majority of her thoughts so to read this beautifully written book is always a treat.

Ms Ludy was a fairly typical teen when she started an exceptional journey with her Prince – Jesus – who took the pen of her life and wrote a beautiful romance for her and her husband Eric.  The way He led her was demanding and, she freely admits, not for everyone.  Is it for me?  Well, every year or so I reread this book and move a little further along the path.  Sometimes I go backwards.  Sometimes I get stuck.  But Ms Ludy emphasises Jesus’ infinite faithfulness to every woman and that’s something I can hold onto.

Reread January 2012:  I’m becoming very interested in the ‘set-apart life’ rather than the relationship or romance strand of Mrs Ludy’s argument.


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