Walking on Sunshine

Leslie Ludy – Sacred Singleness – 2009-034 + 2012/009

The Back of the Book: ‘Lord, I’d love to be married, but until that day comes … please be the Husband of my heart.’

Are you single?  Do you struggle with discontentment, impatience, ad the constant pressures of pop culture?  I this powerful and refreshing book, bestselling author Leslie Ludy introduces you to God’s pattern for sacred, purpose-filled, world-changing singleness.  She invites you to discover a passionate romance with the ultimate Bridegroom – a romance that will satisfy the deepest desires of your soul, whether maried or single.  Sacred Singleness wil show you how to:

  • let God script your love story in His own time and way.
  • overcome loneliness and jealousy toward friends getting married.
  • triumph over the temption to settle for less than God’s best.
  • experience a purposeful, fulfilling life before you meet your husband.
  • handle the fear of being single for life.

With inspiring firsthand testimonials from both modern-day and historical single women and a comprehensive guide to serving the least and lost around the world,  Sacred Singleness will awaken you to God’s amazing plan for the single season of your life!

NotJustLaura’s Review: In this book, Mrs Ludy takes a look at what it means to live as a single.  Her style is still conversational and very readable and she tells many stories of women from the past and the present who have really made the most of their ‘single season’ by working for Christ.  Mrs Ludy is very ‘missions oriented’ and I did find this a bit off-putting as I’m more a ‘charity begins at home’ kind of person.  However, she does offer some very useful thoughts on being content as a single woman.  I am a little disappointed she didn’t say more about women who are single for life but, as that isn’t her own experience of life, I suppose this isn’t surprising.

Reread February 2012


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