Walking on Sunshine

Lucia Capacchione – The Creative Journal – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: A recognised classic in the field of Art Therapy and Creativity.

Now revised and updated to include the most frequently asked questions about journal-keeping, this book is the perfect guide to discovering and releasing inner potential through writing and drawing.  It contains more than 50 writing and drawing exercises to help you find and love yourself, and to get in touch with your feelings and dreams.

The innovative exercises and techniques in this book help you:

  • Play with new media of expression (colour, images, symbols).
  • Sort out the seemingly random experiences in your life.
  • Deal with creative blocks to get a clearer picture of your potential and how to use it.
  • Define and implement changes.
  • Enrich your relationships with yourself and others.

The Creative Journal presents an open-ended approach that you can modify and expand upon.  You’ll learn ow keeping a journal can be a productive method for letting the real you out, and channeling your private inner world into tangible form.

Designed and written for both novice and veteran journal-keepers, as well as group leaders and counsellors, this book is being used by artists, writers, and in school counselling centres, prisons, and recovery programs.  It is a visually stunning book illustrated by the author, her students, and clients.

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