Walking on Sunshine

Margaret Atwood – Surfacing – DNF/2009

The Back of the Book: A young divorcee returns to the remote island of her childhood in Northern Canada to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her father.  Flooded with memories, she is gradually drawn back into her past as the wild island exerts its elemental hold …

Review: This was on the reading list for Glasgow Women’s Library’s Book Group a few weeks ago.  It’s the second book I’ve been unable to read for the group and the second Atwood I just couldn’t get through.  The book is, I think, very much a product of its time – it’s steeped in the 1970s and this isn’t a period I’m attracted to.  So that was the first strike against it.  Secondly, I hated the characters.  All of them.  Quite passionately and without ambivalence.  Thirdly, I found the atmosphere sinister and uncomfortable so that the world created by the book wasn’t one I wanted to go to and, therefore, I didn’t want to read it.  So I didn’t.  And the date of the reading group came and went while the book gathered dust.


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