Walking on Sunshine

Marilyn Meberg – Living a Life of Balance – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: Do you long for a life of balance?

‘When we consider the life of Jesus and the example He left us, would you say He was balanced?  You will remember He sometimes moved away from the clamoring needs of the crowd so that He might be alone; that meant many needs went unmet.  God means for you to live in equilibrium and balance.’ Marilyn Meberg

We constantly hear from the experts about balanced lifestyles – that we need proper rest, nutrition, and exercise.  It’s true enough that we need such things to maintain physical and mental health, but we also need spiritual balance.  How do we manage all of that and the challenges of daily life?

Only God can guide us toward the balance we desperately desire.  It starts with our hearts and this study will help us get there.


  • Twelve weeks of Bible study.
  • Down-to-earth illustrations that give you a chance to take a break and smile.
  • A gift to remind you of each week’s lesson.
  • Leader’s Guide included.

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