Walking on Sunshine

Marion Zimmer Bradley – A World Divided – 2009/TBR

The Back of the Book: One World, Two Cultures

The Bloody Sun – Jeff Kerwin had spent his early years in the Spacemen’s Orphanage in the Terran Trade City on Darkover.  Yet he was haunted by dreams of the world surroundng this Terran oasis, a world he somehow felt had once been his.  Shipped back to Earth at the age of twelve, Jeff could not escape the conviction that only on Darkover would he discover wo he truly was.

But when he finally returned to the planet of the Bloody Sun as a member of the Terran Spaceforce, he still felt like an outcast.  For though he had the red hair of a comyn lord and carried a powerful matrix jewel, he had no memory of how he had acquired it.  Only if he managed to learn the secrets of the Towers could he hope to unlock the mystery of his heritage.

Star of Danger – Although the Darkovans are descendants of a long-lost Terran colony ship, they distrust the Terran spacers who have taken up residence on their planet, fearing these ‘strangers’ will disrupt the entire society of Darkover.  And many Terrans do feel that the people of Darkover should abandon their ‘backward’ culture and become part of the Terran Empire.  Yet despite this mutual prejudice, Terran Larry Montray and Darkovan Kennard Alton forge a bond of friendship.  But when Larry and Kennard are forced to cobine Darkover matrix magic with Terran technology to stand against a mutual enemy, will their alliance fracture the stability of both their cultures?

Winds of Darkover – When a bandit gang seizes Hig Windward, holding the Storn family hostage, the laran powers of the oldest son Loran are the family’s only hope.  Reaching out with those powers, he finds a young Terran, Dan Barron and ‘overshadows’ his mind, sending him on a desperate rescue mission to Aldaran Castle.  But the ‘help’ that the powerful Aldaran family offers may be far more dangerous than any bandit.  For what they offer is use of the terrible Sharra Matrix – dreaded weapon of the Ages of Chaos.


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