Walking on Sunshine

Monica Baldwin – The Called and The Chosen – 2009/038

The Back of the Book: Diary of a nun

Why did He have to allow such a cruel thing as this to happen?  I might easily have settled down into a more or less contented sort of nun, if only those two had not pushed their way into my life in the way they did.  It doesn’t seem fair, for I truly believed I was doing the right thing when I entered the convent.  Why must it turn out to be the wrong thing now.  Where, exactly, I wonder, did I begin to go astray?

Here is the revealing novel of a girl who answers the call to a religious vocation but discovers that she cannot break the one tie that binds her to the world outside convent walls.

NotJustLaura’s Review: When I bought this book, I rather thought it was a memoir.  It isn’t and Ms Baldwin makes this very clear.  I find it hard, however, to imagine that she did not draw on her own experience behind convent walls in order to write it.  This was a quick and enjoyable read for me.  Ms Baldwin provides us with a lively and intimate narrative in the form of a diary.  The story reaches a satisfying – and unpredictable – conclusion and my only criticism lies with the gaps in the narrator’s telling.  I think this says more about my fascination with nuns, however, rather than being a real short-fall on the part of the writer.


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