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Noel Cooper – Language of the Heart – 2010/007

The Back of the Book: Many adult Catholics aren’t comfortable reading the Bible on their own.  Author and adult educator Noel Cooper wants to change that.

For Cooper, the Bible is a rich and challenging collection of writings expressing people’s faith in God through the medium of literary art.  Far from being an outdated document, the Bible shows us that:

The people of biblical times dealt with their deepest hopes and fears in the light of their sense ofGod.  Their faith was so comforting and challenging that it has stood the test of centuries, and endures as comfort and challenge to people of our time

Leading readers on a chronological journey through the books of the Bible, Cooper offers general information, historical and theological insights, and analytical tools for further reflection and study.  Notes in the margins guide readers to appropriate Scripture references.

Language of the Heart is an ideal guidebook for people who want to dig deeper into their Bible and explore the riches recorded there by our ancestors in faith.

NotJustLaura’s Review: I saw this book some time ago and was interested – but not interested to buy a copy!  However, as I’m going through the RCIA process and have recently been introduced to different ways of reading the Bible, when I felt the desire to delve more deeply into it during Lent, I went back and made the purchase.

This is a very interesting, and sometimes challenging, read.  The book presents a Catholic reading of the Bible by looking at the history of the Canon from the early, oral traditions of various communities through to a contemporary understanding.

I found it difficult to read that some treasured sections of Scripture may be rooted in theological rather than historical fact.  However, the overall feeling of the book is a hopeful one.

I do feel that it is important to maintain that this is a Catholic reading of the Bible rather than the definative reading.  I suspect that Bible readings fall across a spectrum on how literally they take the Word.  Thus, I am more literal in my reading than this author and less so than some of my Evangelical friends.


Comments on: "Noel Cooper – Language of the Heart – 2010/007" (2)

  1. Laura, thank you very kindly for your review of my book. I’m glad you found it useful as part of your RCIA program.
    I didn’t know about it until this week (Feb. 2010), when I started my own web site, and then googled my name and discovered your review.
    I’ve published one more book since Language of the Heart, and I’d be very interested to hear your comments about it.
    I’m also about to publish a book about sexual morality, which I rather expect you would not agree with, but I’ve had quite a few positive comments from the excerpts on my new web site.

    I hope you will have a look at my site http://www.noelcooper.ca and let me know your reaction.

    kind regards

  2. notjustlaura said:

    Have emailed you 🙂

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