Walking on Sunshine

Robert Louis Stevenson – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – 2009/018

I’ve listened to this book via the CraftLit podcast over the past couple of months.  I last read it at University so it’s been a while.  I’m sure the eending was different so I’m wondering if Mr Stevenson wrote two conclusions?  That said, with the very creepy ending I recall, I wouldn’t have chosen to reread it but I’m quite pleased with the ‘new’ closure.

This is the first CraftLit book I’ve heard all the way through and I was very impressed with Heather Ordover’s analysis of the text.  She allowed me to feel part of an English study group without sounding like the English teachers I remember from my school days.  She doesn’t dumb down at all, despite podcasting for the crafty rather than the literary community, but instead explains each point clearly  The whole is peppered with her observations about her life and crafting endeavours and sealed into a very enjoyable whole.  Her voice is easy on the ear as was that of Dr Jekyll’s narrator.

Ms Ordover’s tagline is:

If your hands are too busy to pick up a book, at least you can turn one on.

While she is thinking of crafting, I think I’ve found the perfect companion to a spot of housework on a sunny afternoon.


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