Walking on Sunshine

Roger Lea MacBride – Little House on Rocky Ridge – 2009-022

I was excited to read this next instalment of the Ingalls-Wilder family’s story, if a little apprehensive – how could Mr MacBride possibly do justice to such well-loved characters?

The first half of this book was a rather disappointing re-telling of the hourney from South Dakota to Missouri which Laura covered in On the Way Home.  I wonder whether it was really necessary for Mr MacBride to make such a thorough work of this when we already have Laura’s own account?  Beside this, the MacBride version lacks sparkle and immediacy.

Once the Wilders are at their new home, however, my enjoyment grew as I read and I’m now looking forward to reading the rest of the series.  My criticims is that Mr MacBride focuses strongly on events rather than characters.  In fairness, it’s possible that Laura does also but, as the reader is already engaged by her own character as shown by the events she relates, one does not notice.  I will e interested to see if the characters are developed further as the series progresses.  I very much hope that they are.


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