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Rosie Sykes, Polly Russell & Zoe Heron – The Kitchen Revolution – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: Want to make the most of your time, cooker, fridge, freezer and store cupboard?  If so, this is the cookbook you’ve been waiting for.

Every year, around a third of the food produced in the UK ends up in the bin.  Yet, as The Kitchen Revolution shows, it is easy to avoid this – and save hundreds of pounds!  With its unique system of weekly planners and shopping lists, as well as foolproof, delicious recipes for every day of the year and every kind of occasion, The Kitchen Revolution enables you to create:

  • Big Meal from Scratch – a filling meal for family and friends that provides the basis of two others.
  • Something for Nothing – two easy meals that make the most of leftovers.
  • Seasonal Supper – a quick, simple supper made from seasonal ingredients.
  • Larder Feast – a complete meal just from store cupboard ingredients.
  • 2 for 1 – a meal that freezes well so that half can be frozen for another day.

So, if you want to cut down on waste and work in the kitchen, plus make the most of seasonal food, join The Kitchen Revolution and revolutionise your cooking – and your life!

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