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Sheila Walsh – Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God – 2010/042

Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God

Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God

The Back of the Book: Do you ever question God’s ability to catch you when you fall?  Do shame, fear, and brokenness keep you from fully trusting God?  Do you secretly believe your dreams are unreachable?

{You are not alone.}

This is a book about trust.  How we fight it.  How we learn to do it.  How it transforms us.  Life is not safe.  That reality slips over us as we grow.  Our response to the Father in that reality allows us either to swing higher and higher with the trust of a child … or fearfully shrink back from the sing set altogether.  As we weigh that choice, God whispers:  Trust me.

In a remarkably transparent account, author and speaker Sheila Walsh opens wide her lifelong battle with trust and the moment-by-moment choices she made to follow where God led.  Sheila has lived a life ruled by the ‘hidden places’ of insecurity and brokenness and knows the overwhelming beauty of a life wholly handed over to Christ.

As you encounter her struggles and triumphs, you also meet ten of the Bible’s transformed – Tabitha, David, Paul, and others – who teach us that in spite of overwhelming circumstances, just one trusting encounter with Christ sets beautiful things in motion.  It can resurrect dreams, instill purpose, and ignite hope.

Discover what beautiful things can happen when you trust God.

NotJustLaura’s Review: Part memoir and part Bible study, this book charts Ms Walsh’s journey from debilitating mental illness (she was in a psychiatric hospital) to a new life as part of the Women of Faith team in the United States.  As I haven’t read her first memoir I did feel rather lost in the early, more autobiographical, sections of this book.

Ms Walsh attributes her recovery to learning to trust God and studies various characters in the Bible who do (or don’t do!) just that.  I found her elaboration on familiar Bible stories inspiring – she is clearly an imaginative and sensitive woman and I wonder if she will, one day, write Christian fiction?

There is meat on these imaginative bones too and Ms Walsh does not shelter the reader from the reality that trusting God does not exempt a Christian from the bits of life we’d rather skip.  Instead, she suggests that it is in experiencing the rough along with the smooth that we learn a deeper kind of trusting as our knowledge of God grows.


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