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Sue Prosser – How to Stop Dieting and Start Living – 2010/017

The Back of the Book: Ever struggled with dieting?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with food?

This book reveals why diets don’t usually work.  Looking at spiritual factors as well as physical and emotional ones, Sue Prosser gently encourages us to understand the reasons why we see ourselves as we do.  Combining biblical principles with practical advice, she shows how we can achieve our weight goals and enjoy a fit and healthy life.

  • Discover why you have developed disordered eating habits.
  • Break free of a ‘diet mentality’ which brings guilt and shame.
  • Learn how to say no to food you don’t need.
  • Begin to recognise and correct unhelpful thought patterns which govern your eating habits.
  • Learn to recognise ‘inner hunger’ and to satisfy it more appropriately.

NotJustLaura’s Review: What a hard book this is for me to review!  I have such mixed feelings about it and it has stirred up a lot of unease within me.  I shall try and explain.

Ms Prosser comes from an Evangelical background.  She has been a Missionary in various countries and her husband is described as a ‘revivalist’ and ‘anointed healer’ on her website.  From my reading of her book, I’d say she veers towards the Charismatic/Pentecostal end of the scale.  I’ve had a lot of involvement with Churches of that kind in the past and feel that, while there are ‘good’, genuine Christians in the movement, there is also a lot there which I can only describe as evil.  Please note that I think Ms Prosser is probably in the ‘good’ camp – she clearly believes passionately in Jesus and offers her philosophy on dieting to the reader with the best of intentions.  I am trying hard, for this reason to see past my own feelings about the denomination and find the good in what she has written.

She opens by sharing her own experiences as a dieter and overeater.  She does not appear to have indulged in all-out binges but ate too much at meal-times and snacked in between.  After many attempts with many diets, she discovered the wisdom of intuitive eating, lost weight and maintained the  loss.  She attributes this experience to the Holy Spirit while blaming Satan for previous gluttony.  The book aims to help the reader achieve the same freedom from the legalism of dieting by providing quite detailed information on nutrition and instruction on the steps Ms Prosser feels it is necessary to take.  This is backed up by ‘homework’ assignments and an additional workbook which may be purchased online.

Although Ms Prosser’s style made this a fast read, there were times when she came across as bossy rather than tongue in-cheek or with levity as she may have intended but, perhaps, for some readers this would not be off-putting as they recognise their own need for a kick in the rear.

I found it worrying that the book doesn’t offer more encouragement for those who pray as suggested but aren’t immediately ‘healed’ of their problems – is this to be regarded as lack of faith?

I’m also not convinced that Ms Prosser’s instructions would work for a binger rather than an overeater.  However, as her own experience is as an overeater, perhaps she is not aiming her writing towards those who have this different experience of eating.


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