Walking on Sunshine

Suzanne C Segerstrom – The Glass Half-Full (Library) – 2009/DNF

The Back of the Book: You can learn how to think like an optimist and improve your life.

Scientific studies have now confirmed that being an optimist really can lead to a happier life – but of course there’s more to it than just smiling and whistling a happy tune.  As psychologist Suzanne Segerstrom explains, there is a difference between optimism and wishful thinking: while the rest of us sit around worrying about whether or not a goal is attainable, true optimists are already out there trying, because they assume they will succeed.

Optimistic behaviour has been found to contribute to improved physical health, greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges and more satisfying relationships.  The best news is that it’s a skill you can easily acquire.  By learning from setbacks, knowing when to change course if a strategy isn’t working, and breaking free from the inertia of criticism and self-doubt, even a lifelong pessimist can adopt a more positive outlook and get a whole lot more out of life.

NotJustLaura’s Review: This isn’t so much of a ‘Did Not Finish’ as a ‘Did Not Start’.  It came to the top of Mt TBR and I realised I had no idea why I’d got it and no desire to read so I’m going to send it back to the library, unopened.


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