Walking on Sunshine

Thelma Wells – Living Above Worry and Stress – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: Women today are busy.  We have so many responsibilities, and only so many days.  It is often more than we can handle.

Our hearts are overwhelmed.  We are stressed out.  We are worried.  We dread tomorrow.

In the midst of all this everyday turmoil, our hearts are longing for a place of peace.  We know God has promised to calm our fears and give us rest, but we barely have time to whisper a prayer.  If you have been struggling, come.  Take a little time to explore your Bible, and find some practical guidelines for laying aside fears, worries, and even stress.  You really can discover a place of peace.

  • Twelve weeks of Bible study – search the Scriptures for God’s answers.
  • Down-to-earth illustrations give you chances to relate and laugh.
  • Take home a trinket – a ‘gift’ to remind you of each week’s message.
  • Dozens of thoughtful insights from Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll, Barbara Johnson, Sheila Walsh, Thelma Wells, Patsy Clairmont, and Nicole Johnson.
  • Leader’s Guide included.

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