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Tom Wright – Mark for Everyone – 2011/028

Mark for Everyone

Mark for Everyone

The Back of the Book: Tom Wright’s eye-opening comments on the gospel and what it might mean for us are combined, passage by passage, with his own fresh and involving translation.  Making use of his true scholar’s understanding, yet writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Wright captures the urgency and excitement of Mark’s gospel in a way few writers have.

NotJustLaura’s Review:  I always feel so accomplished when I finish one of Mr Wright’s books (or should that be Rev. Wright?  I’m never very sure how one addresses a Bishop in the Church of England).  It’s not that his books are exactly difficult but they certainly pack a lot of punch.  This one continues the excellent tradition of the Bible for Everyone series.  Alongside his own modern language translation of the Biblical text, Mr Wright furnishes the reader with an adroit commentary which really brings the Gospel to life.  Sometimes there’s a meditation or a point to ponder.  Sometimes there’s a historical or geographical detail that makes all the different to the reader’s understanding.  These books put me in mind of William Barclay’s excellent (although now rather dated) Daily Study Bible series and could be usefully read in the same manner.  I, being All-Or-Nothing Girl, read the whole thing from beginning to end and enjoyed every bit of it!


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  1. Sounds good! Thanks.

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