Walking on Sunshine

Tony Castle – Living Faith – 2010/TBR

The Back of the Book: An Introduction to Catholic Spirituality

What is authentic Catholic Christian spirituality – in other words, living a faith-filled life?  The word ‘spirituality’ has been claimed by so many different sects that have no interest in the one true God that there is a great deal of confusion, and even danger, today for the undiscerning person.

This book is for the beginner who wants to know more, or someone who wants to brush up on their understanding of Catholic spirituality.  Each chapter focuses on a different item that can be seen in a Catholic church, such as the altar, the font or the tabernacle, all of which teach us so much about Catholic spirituality.  Each chapter also devotes a section to a life of a saint with a particular link to an item, to show the many different expressions of Catholic spirituality.  Living Faith shows clearly that spirituality is not an optional extra to the Christian faith – and it will help readers make the first few steps.

Why (and how) I got this book: I was browsing the Catholic bookshop and thought it looked interesting.

NotJustLaura’s Review: Mr Castle invites the reader to travel with him around a Roman Catholic Church while he points out particular features and explains what they are and what they mean.  He provides a detailed historical context for each item with Biblical and Catachetical references.  I enjoyed my visit to his Church and will read more of his work although I feel the book needed tweaked here and there – there were a few typos and, in places, the narrative was a bit awkward.


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