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The Alli Diet Plan – 2009/051

The Back of the Book: It’s time for a new approach to weight loss.  Something different from anything you’ve tried before.  Something that is proven to work.

Welcome to The Alli Diet Plan – a different approach to weight loss that can give your best efforts an added boost.

Alli is the first pharmacy-only weight-loss aid to e licensed for use throughout Europe.  It is clinically proven that adding Alli to a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet can boost weight loss by 50%.  So, for every 2lb you lose from your own efforts, Alli can help yo lose 1lb more.  Alli works in a unique way on the body’s natural enzymes to prevent some of the fat you eat from being absorbed.

The Alli Diet Plan is the must-have companion book presenting a nutritionist-designed, reduced calorie, lower-fat dietary regime.  The book also helps you with detailed meal plans and delicious recipes that are specifically created to work with Alli to maximise your success.

The Alli Diet Plan makes weight loss even easier with:

  • Almost 200 delicious, Alli-friendly recipes.
  • Easy-to-use menu plans and no-cook options to save you time.
  • An indispensable section on buying ready-prepared meals.
  • An accessible eating-out guide.
  • A fitness programme for optimal results.

Why (and how) I got this book: I’m taking Xenical (the Dr prescribed variant of Alli) so, when I saw this book in Borders‘ closing down sale (a very sad occasion) I decided to pick up a copy.

NotJustLaura’s Review: The text is clear and succinct, although I’m a little disappointed that the authors felt the dieter’s motivation and method of dealing with cravings was out of scope.  I do, however, now have a better understanding of the drug I’m taking, why it works and what it will and will not do for me.  The diet itself is old-fashioned calorie counting but you’re also supposed to restrict the amount of fat you eat at each meal or snack (the amount you may have is detailed in the book).  There are lots of recipes and  meal-plans and information for those wishing to plan their own meals.


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