Walking on Sunshine

90 Masses in 90 Days

Let me begin by saying:  I am not setting myself up for failure here!  My goal is not to commit to 90 Masses in 90 Days and then beat myself up because I missed one.  But I do want to make it to as many as possible.  And 90 Masses in 90 Days is a lot neater to write than ‘This is an experiment to see how many Masses I can get to.’  But this is an experiment to see how many Masses I can get to.

I’m not working (for health reasons) and so don’t think it unreasonable to try and get to Mass every day.  Apart from anything else, it benefits my health so it makes sense to go.  I like routine and lists and schedules so I’m going to work on the habit of daily Mass for the next three months and then move onto another aspect of working out my faith.  Yes, I know FlyLady says it only takes 27 days to make a habit.  Other experts recommend only 14 days.  For me, it takes longer – such is life.

If you’d like to join me (at any point in the next three months) please feel free.  You’ll find my entries below or over on 43Things.

  1. Monday, 26th April 2010
  2. Tuesday, 27th April 2010
  3. Wednesday, 28th April 2010
  4. Thursday, 29th April 2010
  5. Friday, 30th April 2010
  6. Saturday, 1st May 2010
  7. Sunday, 2nd May 2010
  8. Sts Philip & James
  9. Tuesday, 4th May 2010
  10. Wednesday, 5th May 2010
  11. Thursday, 6th May 2010
  12. The Morning After the Night Before
  13. First Holy Communion
  14. Sixth Sunday in Easter
  15. Funeral
  16. I’m in Pain!
  17. I’m in Pain!
  18. Ascension
  19. Still Feeling Rough
  20. First Holy Communion
  21. Seventh Sunday of Easter
  22. Monday, 17th May 2010
  23. Migraine Strikes!
  24. Wednesday in the Seventh Week of Easter
  25. Funeral
  26. RCIA
  27. First Holy Communion
  28. Pentecost
  29. A Little Too Late

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