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Who? What? Where? Why?

I’m 36 and about to become a student.  Again.  I already have one degree (MA).  So why on earth am I embarking on another at this stage of my life?

What I really want is to set myself up as a Pet Behaviour Counsellor.  I already do this kind of work as a Volunteer for the local Branch of Cats Protection but I’m not qualified to really offer a service to the general public.  I’m good at what I do – I love thinking myself into a furry little head and making its world a happier place – but I want to be better.  And what I really want is to be qualified to take referrals from vets.  That means I need an MSc in Pet Behaviour Counselling.

But that’s not what I’m studying this year.  You see, to get into the MSc programme, one needs a BSc (any subject).  And I have an MA.  Which is not the same thing.  So I’m going to be spending the next few years working my way through a BSc (Hons) Social Sciences with Psychology at The Open University.  And I’m starting with ‘DD101‘ in October.

My books started to arrive this morning.  I have my daily schedule all worked out.  And I’m going to make a start on Monday.  It’s exciting and scarey and interesting and confusing and … phew!  But I’m looking forward to it.  I wasted my University experience last time.  Yes, I got a degree (by good luck rather than good management) but I was part of the ‘wrong’ crowd and did a lot of things that didn’t involve studying and which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone now I’m a grown-up.  So this is a second chance and I’m determined not to waste it.


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