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Bookish Topics

I’m reading a lot at the moment.  And I’m also blogging.  Both of which are good.  But I’m beginning to think about the way I marry the two activities.

At the moment, I provide three types of bookish posts:

  • Incoming Books:  Whether new or just newly entered on the site, I keep a list of books and post it when I’ve done ten.
  • Book Reviews:  I review as I read and then post a list of the books reviewed at the end of each month.
  • Books out of Seven:  I like planning my reading and having a list of titles to work on but I’ve been really bad at posting it.

Meantime, I’ve rejoined BookMooch in an effort to rehome books I’m finished with while replacing them with new-to-me books so there are a fair few volumes coming and going each week.

All of the above requires me to spend a portion of time on what I refer to as ‘book admin.’  I’d like to move towards having one or two large sessions each week rather than working piecemeal as I am at the moment and my preference would be to confine my book admin to weekends.  So here’s what I propose:

  • A list of Incoming Books will be posted once a week.  This post will contain however many books received or put onto the site in the past seven days.
  • A list of Book Reviews will also be posted once a week.
  • I’ll restart posting for Books out of Seven and do it as part of my book admin in the hope that it will actually happen.

My hope is that these changes will make me a more efficient and reliable blogger.  They are, of course, subject to review and change without notice.