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Books out of Seven

I’m really disappointed that I haven’t read more this year.  Last year, I read more than 100 books.  This year I shall struggle to make 52.  I’ve watched more TV this year, done quite a bit of knitting and been very busy with Cats Protection work, but still …

My ideal would be to read a book a day or at least a couple every week.  So I have come up with a little game:  Books out of Seven.  Each Sunday I’ll choose seven books to read in the week ahead and report back on how I’ve done the previous week.  There are no prizes, rewards or penalties – it’s just a bit of fun to try and get me a bit more focussed.

If you’d like to play (you can set yourself any number of books, it doesn’t have to be seven) post to you blog what you’re aiming to read and pop a link into the comments of this post.

See you next week …

(Duh – I forgot to tell you what books have made it into this week’s pile:

  1. Glynn MacNiven-Johnston – Martin de Porres
  2. The Alli Diet Plan
  3. Mary O’Driscoll OP – Catherine of Siena
  4. Tony Palmer – Getting Out of Debt and Staying Out
  5. Debbie Macomber – 204 Rosewood Lane
  6. Suzanne C Segerstrom – The Glass Half-Full
  7. Tom Wright – Acts for Everyone)