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At the Counter

I got my new spectacles today and, oh, I do love them!  They’re frameless which is what I’ve wanted for years but the available technology could not provide.  I saw a new optician a fortnight ago who told me it could be done and to get choosing.  So I have rimless spectacles with rectangular lenses – I think this is the fashion? – and silver metal across my nose and for the legs.  I hope these may one dace come in a clear material but, for now, I’m well content.  They’re practically invisible even if the lenses are as strong as ever and therefore make my eyes look rather huge.  But, hey, big eyes are supposed to be a positive feature, right?

Getting these glasses has formed something of a watershed for me.  Remember after Feelin’ Feminine I resolved to make more of an effort with my appearance?  Well, it’s hard for a girl to do that when she hates her glasses.  So I decided I’d go easy on myself until the new spectacles were ready and use the time to think about the changes I want to make.  I’m not sold on wearing skirts and dresses all the time.  It’s not me and it’s not always practical when you’re trying hard to minimise your use of the car and July seems to think it belongs to autumn and not summer.  My interest is more in looking groomed, looking nice, looking like I care how I look.

New glasses are the first step.  The second is taking proper care of my skin – something I’ve done periodically but have been very lax with lately.  I think, if a woman’s skin looks good, there’s a good chance she looks good.  I have very dry, sensitive skin.  In the past, I’ve tried various facial regimens and, by trial and error, have discovered that my skin likes Boots No. 7 products.  So after visiting the optician, my second call was to the No. 7 beauty counter.

I have never dared present myself at a beauty counter before.  Because I’m not beautiful.  Because the women working there generally are.  And because I don’t want to draw attention to my non-beautiful, non-cared-for self.  But today I dared.

The assistant was very nice and helped me choose appropriate products.  She’s also offered to do my make-up for me and I may take her up on that once my skin is looking better having been slathered with said products.

My third call will be to a beautician who’s brave enough to try and tame my eyebrows.  Actually, I may have to be the brave one since I have a feeling it’ll be ouchy-sore.  And, after that, I shall see about getting my hair trimmed.

In the meantime, I’m going to be cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day and endeavouring to make the hair’n’make-up thing part of my regular morning routine.